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To my New Studio & my FIRST blog post!

{I used to blog here, but wanted to start sharing from my studio page!}

But I wanted to be so VERY clear on why I’m sharing this precious space.


It’s not to be flashy, or to celebrate “things”, interior design, a lifestyle, or Me or anything “inspirational.” We live a minimal life and try to celebrate the life experience, over all the "stuff."

I’m sharing it to celebrate what God can do when we say YES🙌🏾 to His plan, not our own.

In my business, I get to work with you, travel the country, work with ministries, & design for so many incredible international brands from this space, while holding my babies in my lap and it’s a dream come true for me!

But the last thing I want to do is make it seem like life is perfect or that it’s been easy. Because I  cant stand dishonesty & that would outright false.


Our story:
Kavs and I have had tons of ups and downs. We work REALLY hard for our family and Love the relationships that come from owning our own businesses. This is my 4th studio space, including my art school. We both own companies, love what we do, but month by month we are never entirely certain what our next monthly income will be. It can be uncomfortable to step out in faith & Its not the typical route, but its where we genuinely feel God has us.

And one thing we are SURE about: Our entire lives together its been purely about handing over whatever we have to God and saying,” it’s all your money anyways Lord, so do what you will.”

And He has been there to provide, guys.

Every. Last. Time.

Even down to the very dollar. Truth!

So I promise I don't share without any intention, other than to celebrate a God that owes us nothing but promises to always provide for us, when we follow Him.


Guys! I hit my knees and cried in this old romantic space, the first time my baby girl crawled into the window seat while I painted. 

Because that has been such a desire of my heart. To have my babies around me while I work with incredible You and so many amazing companies.

Since as long as I can remember, it has my dream to create a space for my future babies, where they can dream in vivid color, while I work along side them. And to allow them to try new things, without having to be perfect.


So truly from the depths of my SOUL, thank you!!

For joining us in this journey, helping us to give back to ministries that are helping others.

I would love to connect with you & I pray that you say YES to where God wants to place you next! It might not be easy, but if God is calling you there...listen.