Launched in 2013 as an art school for children and adults, Bloom Prints Studio LLC & Amy Kavs Art switched it's focus in 2016 to custom paintings and large corporation collaboration work where Bloom Prints now holds various product lines with multiple international brands.

Bloom Prints Art School

Bloom Prints Art School

Founder, Amy Kavelaris, holds a BA in Media Arts as well as a partially completed Masters in Occupational Therapy. She is a best selling children's book author/illustrator {HERE} and has been featured in several publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, faith-based devotionals and design books.

"When I was a tiny girl, my goal in life was to be an artist, a mom & to sing in church. It's been pretty rad after years of chasing what I thought others expected me to do in a career, to stop and listen to my childhood heartbeat. And being home with my (soon-to-be) 3 babies is the purest icing on the cake." Amy has been captivated by the study of light, drawing and design since she was old enough to hold a pencil. As an adult, she studied fine art and lived in Florence, Italy where her passion for creating was taken to a whole new level.

You can find her work in BeBe Au Lait, Target, Anthropologie, Casetify, among others, while she has also collaborated with countless companies such as Skecher's Shoes, Pampers Diapers, PLUM NYC, The Miss America Foundation, Wild Bird Company, among others. Amy has worked in the Radio and Film industry in Los Angeles, as well as in the Art Therapy realm in Mental Health. Her work has been showcased in several auctions and gallery shows across the state and she sells her custom art pieces to clients around the world.

Amy’s next book with Harper Collins Publishing, launches Spring of 2020.