3-D ART with Paper Mache!

Thursdays at 3:00pm - April 14-May 12

Ages 9+


Master's Multi-Media Create!

Coming Soon!

This class is not only great to expand your child's knowledge of the arts, but also to expand their visual and structural knowledge...sculpting  in 3-D! First, they will creatively design their creature, sculpt them, then set their project through paper mache and make their animal come to life through detailed painting and overall design.

This is a 5 week course.

Want something that encompasses several art mediums for your young artist?

This class offers a bit of everything - utilizing multi-media art in every project that we introduce. From painting on window frames to creating fun things out of fabric or clay...the possibilites are endless.

Your child will be exposed to art history as we discuss the artists that inspired the type of art we are creating and then will get the opportunity to make it themselves! 

*Sign up for 12 sessions and save! Your child will experience the entire curriculum and participate in several holiday themed art lessons! Memories to last a lifetime! 

International Technique -- Art Styles and Techniques from Around the World!

Coming Soon!

This class is designed to take your artists on a tour around the world...delving into each beautiful style of art from country to country and each corner of the world!

From Batik technique in Asia, to African Tribal masks and paintings! Then jump to Norway and learn the art of rosemaling or Greek, Italian and Egyptian relief art!

Contact us for more details! Dates and Times Coming soon!!

Art as a Second Language -- ART JOURNALING

Coming Soon!

Years ago, our ancestors wrote of their lives and dreams in timeless journals and they inspire us today! 

This class is a spin off of an old stand by--in art form! Your child will learn to beauty of self expression through weekly art journaling that they will be encouraged to continue throughout the week...even when not in art class!

This is a class I would have LOVED to take as a young artist, but never had the chance! It will open hearts and minds to a whole new world and will be a keepsake to hold onto for a be passed on through generations!

Expressionism through Creative Writing and Painting!

Coming Soon!

Does your child express a love for creative writing and/or the fine arts? This is a perfect opportunity to enhance your child's writing technique and then turn right around and re-create that writing into a work of fine art! A fantastic way for your child to explore their inner artist and embrace their sweet individual  creative soul!

Contact us for More information! Dates and times coming soon!

Other Classes Coming Soon! :

Glass Painting

Cartooning and Caricatures!

Bas Relief

America the Beautiful: Embracing American Art

Chalk Drawing

Portrait Drawing

Painting With The Masters!

Perspective Drawing and Drawing in 3D

Art Survival -- Being Resourceful in the Vast World of Art!