botanical wellness

welcome to our oils community


Growing up, my goal in life was to be a mother, an artist, a pediatrician, and to "sing in church." :)

Well, 3 of those 4 came true and now my biggest aspiration is to take care of my babies & family, from the inside, out.

But we honestly never expected to fall in love with essential oils the way that we have...


It all started…

After losing a baby in 2016 & a few big health scares in 2017, we decided not only to take a serious approach to wellness for our family, but to start sharing to help you as well!

Please know, I would not be sharing, unless I could honestly say these oils were a TOTAL game changer for our family. And now I wish I would have shared sooner. Because it’s something that has so uniquely changed our lives. 

So from sickness, cleaning (AMAZING in our  100 year old house!!), cooking, stress, emotional wellness, labor, delivery, cooking, skin care, migraines, deodorizer, getting rid of allergies, stains, killing nasty sick bugs etc. Those tiny oil bottles over in that corner. Guys. This oily stuff. It works so genuinely beautifully.  

And I am so thrilled to extend my heart and hand, if you have any interest in learning more!

 Please email me here for more information! I would love to connect with you!