"Amy - We all had the most incredible time!! I truly hope that our paths will continue to cross -- you are such a beautiful and inspiring person -- I'm so glad to have been able to spend the afternoon with you, to learn from you, and to witness your incredible passion (and patience!). My grandma Pat, who was quite reluctant to participate when I pitched the idea, commented on how comfortable you made her feel. She actually told me as we were leaving that she would like to come again!! Incredible!! (This is a blessing!!) Grandma Fran feels inspired to get her paints back out, and my mom I think really felt good about her piece. It amazes me how profound an impact 2 hours of creating in a safe, supportive space can have!" 
-Mandy S. 


"This was a great way to spend a Sunday!" 

-Karen H.



"Nai'a just woke up and I told her today is art class...these are her exact word "yes this is the best day I have been dreaming of art class all night..can we go right now." she loves to spend time with you and to be creative... " 
-Betsie K.


"Amy, having you in our home to help celebrate Nellie's birthday was such a blessing to our family! Our children are an amazing gift and we love to honor their birthday in a special and memorable way. You helped us do just that! Ava told me that she had never been to a birthday party like Nellie's, it was the best. Thank you!"  

- Kelly B.






"The pictures are so sweet! I feel so blessed by this class for my girls!"  
- Brittany N.



"Our daughter had such a wonderful time on Saturday! I asked her what she liked about the class and she said "I can draw a hippo and it was so peaceful at the class". Thanks for nurturing her creative spirit..."

- B. Krause


"Payton has truly enjoyed her classes with you Amy!" Jessica M.



"Karli and Brooklyn loved your class. Thank you for your tender heart and using your gifts to encourage children." 

- Donna V.


"They loved your classes Amy! Thank you for all you do!"
Marj L.


"The girls loved art class @ Bloom Print Studios! Thanks Miss Amy! They have been playing 'art class' all afternoon. Briella keeps saying she's miss Amy. It's pretty cute. We'd love to hang out sometime again."

-Christine A. 

"Thank you, Ms. Amy for such a fun Christmas class! My boys and I loved the time together. As one of my sons said, "I could stay here all night!" We will definitely be back!"

Sarah B.

"Need Christmas gifts? Visti Bloom Prints Studio! We were there an hour this afternoon and left with 8 of the most adorable creative gifts for the girls to give to family this year. Amy is awesome and we will be back!!!"

Caitlyn J.

"I took my 3 year old son to the mom and me holidays class tonight and it was awesome. Ms. Amy is very nice and her projects are so fun and creative! We made six projects in just over an hour. We will be back for sure!!!"

Jessica F.

"Ms. Amy is awesome! So creative!"

- C.M.B.

"Amy K- Madeline was telling me tonight that she thought this painting was going to be "too hard" but then after Miss Amy explained it to us it was super easy. Shes a good teacher."

Courtney B

"I cannot recommend Ms. Amy enough - both of my kiddos (6 years old and 10 years old) love their art class, and its the highlight of each week!"

Wendi L